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We believe that one of our responsibilities for clients is to protect them from being taken advantage of. Sadly, we
have encountered sub-contractors and vendors who hoped to make higher profit margins off foreigners. Expats in
Costa rica may also encounter this with vehicle repair, salons, retail shops, and occasionally restaurants. However,
just as we care for our employees well-being, we will also watch for our client's best interest.  That is where our
sourcing, purchasing, communication experience and well established relationships with Costa Rica's vendors and
subcontractors come into play.

In addition to time on the job-site; Cody spends a great deal of time keeping  clients connected to the building
process through sending progress photos, email communications and holding skype calls. The expectation is
that client relationships will be life-long
. Our lives' goals include to make a good living at our building profession, yet
also to lead a life of growing integrity and to enjoy relationships and work along the way.  We have built an excellent
business reputation by treating our home building clients, construction employees and sub-contractors well; and by
ending relationships with subs or vendors that have not shared our concern for clients.

Patience is one of the greatest virtues you can have for enjoying the people and processes of Cost Rica. The best
frame of mind to enter the building process here is to remember that Costa Rica is not the US, nor Canada, nor
Europe, nor Mexico.  It's people, climate and pace of life are why many people want to move to Costa Rica. While many
things work about the same as we expect in Western culture, others are quite different.  
"The Tico's - Social and
Cultural Change" is a helpful book for Expats or Gringos wanting to have better insight into the culture of Costa Rica
and day to day dealings with people.

We have built for ourselves in Costa Rica, and currently own several successful vacation rental properties in the
US, and previously a vacation rental in Costa Rica. The experiences of building for ourselves in Costa Rica and
owning and managing properties abroad; helps us to empathise with our clients questions and concerns
regarding building, renting and maintaining a home in a foreign country. Before, during, and after the home
building process we are here to provide guidance.

Having completed 17 fully custom projects, and 13 unique glass tile pools in Guanacaste, and with projects
currently underway in Pinilla, Avellanas, and Black Stallion Hills; we have an immense amount of experience in
sourcing materials. We can help you choose and locate finishes that you'll love for a life-time, advise on which
materials can best endure the extreme tropical elements, offer optional assistance with interior design, and
custom furniture if you choose.  We teamwork with our clients and offer services to achieve their individual vision
of home ownership in Costa Rica.
You can feel confident and comfortable placing your Costa Rica home dreams and investment in Cody's hands.
The word "integrity" is often thrown around too loosely, but striving for integrity is at the heart of our business and daily
life. As a life-long lover of building and design, it is frustrating to read blogs and literature insinuating that the builder-
client relationship must be adversarial and distrustful based on the malaligned theory that the home-owner and
builder have different financial goals. We work cost-plus or fixed fee in order to establish that we, our valued clients
and our employees are all on the same team, and to take any mystery our of our income or labor costs. The real cost
variables in custom home building are the scale and scope of the project, any fill or grading work the site requires, and
the quality and quantity of finish materials.
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